Marche Océane

Nouveau! La marche océane: activité sportive pour tous les ages et entrainement pour les sportifs accomplis

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Marche Océane

The ocean attracts you but surfing seems too difficult... Le Fil bleu, an annex of the Bidart Parlementia Guethary surf school, offers you the solution, for you too, to have a privileged contact with the sea and enjoy its benefits: Le Fil bleu and its qualified instructors from the French Hiking Federation invite you to participate in the ocean walking sessions on the beaches of the Basque Coast throughout the year!
A very precise technique that will allow you to experience sliding sensations, to do a good and gentle cardio work, to train, for experienced athletes and to keep an Olympic fitness level !
Reserved for people who can swim from 7 to 77 years old.

Group courses all year round

Walking improves brain circulation. A better oxygenated brain is more clairvoyant. Walking also increases breathing capacity, releases endorphins that reduce stress, increases waste filtration by the kidney and liver, which effectively eliminates toxins accumulated during the day.... Finally, it maintains the muscular capital, which is all the more important as from the age of 30, we lose about 1 to 2% of muscle per year. However, there are many types of unbalanced steps. In the ocean, all movements are cushioned, the movements are fluid, do not cause any joint trauma and the body is placed gently. Finally, it is good to solicit your abdominal tone, which allows you to find the right verticality of the body.
Ocean walking is the ideal sport to keep your vitality all year round, for fitness or physical preparation.

Equipment to bring: a swimsuit and a neoprene suit in winter (we can rent one for 5€ per hour).

It is now up to you to choose the course formula that suits you best and to enjoy the joys of surfing under the supervision of a competent professional.